"Everyone faces challenges. Our destiny unfolds depending on how we respond in challenging situations."
– Asgeir Heart

Conquer any limitations. Create a new destiny.

The 1-on-1 mentoring sessions is a rare opportunity to speed up your personal process and dissolve any roadblocks that might limit you in your private life or professional life. 

Feeling stuck or challenged in your personal or professional life?
Eliminate your roadblocks by seeing clearly what causes them to arise. The solution is always simple when you can see clear.

Do you have any habits or limiting beliefs that hold you down?
Learn how to identify the beliefs that limit you and gain the power to craft a new reality for yourself.

Do you feel overwhelmed by work or by your responsibilities?
To deal with a busy life, we need a calm mind. Learn to move into a beautiful state of mind, then take action without carrying the stress with you.

Are you frustrated or hurt in a relationship with another?
Learn the art of forgiveness and letting go. Free yourself from the negative emotions. Return to a state of connection.

Would you like to create a beautiful life for yourself and those around you?
When you grow in awareness you acquire the power to create a beautiful life internally and externally. Your growth is a blessing for others.


Your unique needs will shape the personal mentoring sessions. Whatever you wish to achieve in your personal life, we are here to serve you in discovering your own answers. As you deepen your understanding about yourself, you awaken to a new level of wisdom and compassion.


1 session (1 hours) is 900,- NOK

5 sessions is  3900,- NOK

Youth (up to 19 years old) discount is 50% off the regular price.

Send a message to request your coaching session with Asgeir Heart (or call +47 404 53 410):

We will contact you and schedule a time that works for both of us. Is you live outside Stavanger, we will conduct the session via Skype.
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