From separation to connection.
From confusion to clarity.
From limited to limitless.

Our Vision

We envision a world of individuals that live and act from compassion and wisdom. Our approach is self-discovery and insight. We believe that the answer to wisdom lies within the individual and that we emerge as compassionate beings when we unleash this inner wisdom.

Partner with us

We know there are many individuals and organizations with a similar vision, and we would be happy to connect.

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Who we are


Donny Gardarsson

Maybe the best description of myself would be “an adventurous world-traveling monk entrepreneur”, since my track-record is a vast reservoar of different life experiences. I’ve created and successfully managed companies within the hospitality and restaurant market, and I love expressing my creativity. However, my burning passion for self-discovery lead me to explore the potential that lies within. I spent time in Burma living as a monk, and I also spent time in China learning the art of Zhineng Qigong. I’ve been a meditator for 15 years, and I’ve experience the power of transformation first hand. This drives my passion to share and connect with people that wants to grow in life.


Ásgeir Heart

I have always appreciated freedom and creativity. Early on I wanted to create economic freedom for myself and I used my creativity to build a couple of companies. is one of the companies I co-founded together with a friend and we became Swedens largest restaurant portal in 2002. When I had accomplished my goal of creating a successful business, I felt a bit empty. It’s a common misconception that external wealth brings inner wealth and happiness. I had external success, but not inner success.

This made me a ‘seeker’. In 2005 I had a profound insight. I experienced becoming one with all of existence and the sense of ‘me’ dissolved. I was no longer the ‘me’, I was everything that exists. This experience changed the way I look at life. The identification with the ‘me’ or the ‘ego’ was challenged by this insight. As I continued to learn and grow, I realized that our very nature is wholeness and connectedness.

The longing for connection is deep rooted in us, and we tend to seek this experience in the external world. I have found that the answer lies within, and that it is available to everyone. We just need to know where to look, and that is why we created Wise North. I wish to be part of this amazing journey of seeing humanity rise to a new level of consciousness.